The Challenge

(Above: “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” – the first movie we ever watched together.)


To Begin…

To say that we love movies is an understatement. Both of us grew up watching lot of movies and being fascinated them. Like many couples, our relationship started out by watching movies together- and that has continued into our marriage. For us, the movie doesn’t end when we stop watching it. We spend hours (sometimes days) discussing the story, the cinematography, how a scene was shot- everything. And neither of us can watch a movie without pulling up at least once.

But of course, sometimes life gets in the way of us watching as many movies as we would like. More recently we’ve noticed that we will talk about movies we want to see, but we don’t always feel like watching a movie when we’re able to see it, or maybe we want to watch something else at that time. So this year, we decided to challenge ourselvesĀ to come up with a list of movies we want to see and schedule times to watch them throughout the year.

The Process:

1. Each of usĀ made a list of 50 movies we want to see (independently of one another). These could be movies that are coming out this year or movies that have already been released.
2. Afterwards, we compared our lists. Movies that appeared on both lists were automatically added to our watch list.
3. We swapped lists and (once again, independently), each selected a number of movies from each other’s list that equal the agreed-upon total (in this case, 60). We had 10 movies in common, so we each selected 25 movies from each other’s list to watch.

The only rule was that we couldn’t pick a movie that we’ve both seen- but we could pick a movie that one of us has seen. Our goal is to follow through on seeing new movies.

The List:

Here are the 60 films (from A-Z) that we will be watching in 2017:

1 2001: A Space Odyssey
2 Amelie
3 Before Sunrise
4 Blade Runner 2049
5 Breathless
6 Brick
7 Brokeback Mountain
8 Cache
9 Casino
10 Chariots of Fire
11 Citizen Kane
12 City Lights
13 Crazy, Stupid, Love
14 Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
15 Dead Poets Society
16 Doubt
17 Dr. Strangelove
18 Dunkirk
19 Fences
20 Frances Ha
21 Glengarry Glen Ross
22 Gosford Park
23 Grand Budapest Hotel
24 Half Nelson
25 Hell or High Water
26 Hero
27 In the Mood for Love
28 Jackie
29 Kramer vs. Kramer
30 Lawrence of Arabia
31 M
32 Magnolia
33 Moonlight
34 Night of the Living Dead
35 Nocturnal Animals
36 North by Northwest
37 Schindler’s List
38 Silence
39 Snowpiercer
40 Some Like It Hot
41 Star Wars Episode VIII
42 Terminator 2
43 The Birds
44 The Conversation
45 The Godfather
46 The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
47 The Graduate
48 The Hurt Locker
49 The Lives of Others
50 The Pianist
51 The Producers
52 The Royal Tenenbaums
53 The Third Man
54 The Tree of Life
55 There Will Be Blood
56 There’s Something About Mary
57 To Kill A Mockingbird
58 Vertigo
59 Wall-E
60 Young Frankenstein

As we watch each film (the goal is 1-2 a week), we will each be writing a short review/reaction to it and posting it to this blog. We hope that this will keep us more accountable as well as be entertaining/educational to those who keep up with us. Enjoy!


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